The Holy Epistle: Epistle 20 – Part 01 – video

Epistle 20 The present Epistle deals with a subject that has not been touched upon in the Tanya until now. Though it is one of the most profound and abstract principles of Chassidut, it has a practical application. It will be recalled that the introduction to Epistle 18 pointed out the benefits of ascertaining the […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 20 – Part 02 – video

איהו וחיוהי חד “He3 and His life-giving emanations (chayohi) are one; I.e., the “lights” (orot) of the Sefirot, which (like souls) animate the “vessels” (kelim) of the Sefirot, are not merely connected to G‑d: they are actually one with Him. איהו וגרמוהי חד בהון He and His causations (garmohi; lit., “organs”) are one in them,” […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 20 – Part 03 – video

ויש מאין נקרא בריאה בלשון הקדש The coming about of substantiality ex nihilo (yesh me’ayin) is in the Holy Tongue called beriah (“creation”). As the Ramban points out in his commentary to the Torah,26 beriah is the only term in the Holy Tongue for absolutely innovative creation, creation ex nihilo. In any progression from ilah […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 20 – Part 04 – video

והגם שהיש הנברא הוא גם כן כלא חשיב קמיה And although created substance is also as naught before Him, for everything, including the created yesh, is as naught before Him — דהיינו: שבטל במציאות לגבי הכח והאור השופע בו that is, it is essentially non-existent (Insertion by the Rebbe: “not only in relation to G‑d’s […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 20 – Part 05 – video

Having explained in general terms why the creation of a substantial yesh from spirituality can only come about in a manner of ex nihilo (and not in a manner of ilah and alul), the Alter Rebbe now goes on to explain that the first stage of the created yesh is the kelim of the Ten […]