B”H, just what I have been hoping for

shiurim on Tanya to take along with me wherever I travel. To and from work, on the road, all across the country and abroad…   My sincere gratitude goes out to Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski for this magnificent series of lessons in Tanya that leave me thirsting for more. Brilliantly presented and beautifully explained, you have brought […]

Childhood to maturity

Psychology (academic) is like the the immature child without the teaching of Psychology of the Soul. After many years of studying human life, the truth being life is nothing without Torah teaching.  These teachings  are the foundation of a healthy balanced individual. When we can comprehend this, then we comprehend how Torah heals through teshuvah.  […]

Dear Rabbi Krasnianski

From JFK airport I would like to thank you once again for a wonderful shabbos. Thank you for your hospitality and the time you took to talk to me. It was an honour to meet you and part of your family. The Tanya has been divided between four suitcases and one in my handbag. I […]

Fabulous Shiur

Good afternoon Rabbi Krasnianski, I’d like to convey to you my deepest appreciations for sharing your shiurim with the general public via Internet. I’ve heard your shiur, The Idolatry of Arrogance, this shiur has the potential to literally transform one’s life as in essence much of what clouds our vision and ability to fulfill G-d’s […]

Music in the video?

What is that song played in the beginning and at the end of the video? It’s pretty catchy! The Zohar is what got me hooked into engaging in the study of Torah! Jack Lee San Diego, CA A: The music is “The Four Kinds Market” by Nathaniel Mechaly from the movie “Ushpizin”. LIT Team NYC Studying Torah The Ultimate merger Between […]

Night Study

It is good to study at night because your mind sorts out, incorporates, and establishes the things you think of most just before bed and therefore if it is Worship of G-d and his Love then that will become the dominate thoughts in your life. it is proveable by science today via neuro genesis and […]

Studying Torah

Rav Ben-Tzion Krasnianski,HaShem bless You and Chabad.Amen. Anonymous Studying Torah The Ultimate merger Between the Finite and the Infinite