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TanyaClass.com is a clear, well-explained and extensive Tanya curriculum, Kabbalah and ChassidusVideo and Audio classes, Podcast, Mobile-App and Downloads. Taught by Rabbi Krasnianski


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The Book of the Intermediates

Tanya Part 1:  The Book of the Intermediates (Likutei Amarim).


Portal of Unity and Belief

Tanya Part 2:  Portal of Unity and Belief (Shaar Hayichud Vehaemunah).


The Epistle on Repentance

Tanya Part 3: The Epistle on Repentance (Igeret HaTeshuva).


The Holy Epistle

Tanya Part 4: The Holy Epistle (Iggeret HaKodesh).


Last Thesis

Tanya Part 5: Last Thesis (Kuntres Acharon).



Kabbalah and The Psychology of The Soul. The Inner-workings of the Mind and Soul According to Torah.


Chassidic Gems

The Chassidic Gems series. A Chassidic Perspective on everyday life.


Short Clips

Tanya Shorts: Shorts clips on various subjects.


Jewish Holidays

A mystical exploration of the deeper meaning behind Jewish holiday observances.

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An ever-growing list of topics discussed during classes.