Dear Rabbi Krasnianski

From JFK airport I would like to thank you once again for a wonderful shabbos. Thank you for your hospitality and the time you took to talk to me. It was an honour to meet you and part of your family. The Tanya has been divided between four suitcases and one in my handbag. I am looking forward continuing my lessons with you and at least I know now where you teach.
IJ”H we will be back in NY next year and I will definitely come and see you again. It is a pity I could not show you all the notes I make at every lesson. I am sure you would have appreciated that. I also hope next time to meet your wife Channi,

We wish you well and thank you and the chabad what you do for people like me living outside the USA or Israel and make it possible for us to learn.

With my warmest regards, and a special one to your little daughter who was sitting next to me,
Rena Cats

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