The Holy Epistle: Epistle 23 – Part 1 – video

In the letter that follows, the Alter Rebbe urges chassidim to devote the daily interval between Minchah and Maariv to the group study of Ein Yaakov, and to the laws in the Shulchan Aruch that have frequent and practical application. He introduces this appeal by explaining how sublime is the Divine Presence that dwells within […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 23 – Part 2 – video

אבל ההשראה Indwelling, however, i.e., that degree of indwelling of which it is written that “the Shechinah dwells among them,” היא הארה עצומה מאור ה׳, המאיר בה בלי גבול ותכלית is an intense radiation from the light of G‑d, that radiates in it — within the soul itself, and not within its inherently limited faculties […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 23 – Part 3 – video

על כן, אהובי אחיי ורעיי, אל נא תרעו הרעה הגדולה הזאת Therefore, my beloved ones, my brethren and friends: do not commit this great evil — of turning a gathering of worshipers before or after prayers into a “company of scoffers,” ותנו כבוד לה׳ אלקיכם בטרם יחשך, דהיינו בין מנחה למעריב כל ימות החול and58 […]