The Holy Epistle: Epistle 05 – Part 1 – video

ויעש דוד שם “And David made a name.”1 The simple meaning of the verse is either (as Rashi explains) that David gave the Jewish people a good name by burying the dead of their enemies, or (as other commentators explain) that David made a name for himself through his heroism. ופירש בזוהר הקדוש, משום שנאמר: […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 05 – Part 2 – video

ולכן נקרא בשם נקודה בהיכלא, בזוהר הקדוש In the holy Zohar,10 therefore, [Chochmah] is referred to as “the dot in the palace.”11 Chochmah is the “dot” or “point” of intellect that illumines the “palace” of Binah. Nevertheless, even when already housed in Binah, it still remains a seminal point of intellect that transcends the details […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 05 – Part 3 – video

פירוש: כי הנה התהוות אותיות הדבור היוצאות מה׳ מוצאות הפה אינה דבר מושכל This means: The formation of the letters of speech which proceed from the five organs of articulation15 is not an intellectual process. The letters do not emanate from the soul as a result of any intellectual imperative. ולא מוטבע בטבע מוצאות הללו […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 05 – Part 4 – video

Until this point the Alter Rebbe has explained the Talmudic teaching that the World to Come was created by the letter yud: the Sefirah of Chochmah, which this letter represents, is the spiritual source of Gan Eden which is in the World to Come. However, according to the above, since the letters of the Supernal […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 05 – Part 5 – video

ומשם יוצא ההבל מקור גילוי גוף האותיות הדבור From there issues the breath, the original manifestation of the “body” of the letters of speech המתגלות בה׳ מוצאות מהעלם היו״ד which become revealed from the concealment of the yud through the five organs of speech. ותמונת ה׳ תתאה בכתיבתה גם כן בהתפשטות אורך ורוחב The shape […]