The Holy Epistle: Epistle 02 – Part 1 – video

Upon his Arrival from Petersburg The Alter Rebbe sent this pastoral letter to all his followers, upon his release from the imprisonment brought about by calumnies instigated by the opponents of Chassidism.1 This slander resulted from his selfless and tireless efforts to strengthen the chassidic movement and disseminate its teachings. His subsequent release (also) served […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 02 – Part 2 – video

וזו היא גם כן מדתו של יעקב This [humility born of kindness] is also the characteristic trait of Jacob, ובזאת התנצל על יראתו מפני עשו, ולא די לו בהבטחתו: והנה אנכי עמך גו׳ and therewith he justified himself for his fear of Esau, and did not regard the [Divine] promise given to him as being […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 02 – Part 3 – video

ולזאת באתי מן המודיעים מודעה רבה לכללות אנ״ש Accordingly, I am now making a weighty announcement to all the men of our [chassidic] fraternity, על ריבוי החסדים אשר הגדיל ה׳ לעשות עמנו regarding the multitude of favors,20 “the great things that G‑d has done with us.” The attribute of Chesed (kindness) is also known by […]