The Holy Epistle: Epistle 01 – Part 1 – video

In their Approbation to Tanya,1 the author’s sons write that the discourses and open letters together entitled Iggeret HaKodesh2 (“The Holy Epistle”), as well as the further discourses entitled Kuntres Acharon (“Later Pamphlet”), were all “recorded personally by [the Alter Rebbe’s] own holy hand in his own saintly expression. These discourses are [collectively] entitled Iggeret […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 01 – Part 2 – video

ולהודיע לבני אדם גבורתה של תורה שבעל פה וכחה עוז and make known to mankind the might of the Oral Torah13 and its power which is great. The might (Gevurah) of Torah relates specifically to the Oral Law. For with regard to the source of the Torah in the Supernal Sefirot, the Written Torah derives […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 01 – Part 3 – video

הנה אמונה זו נקראת בשם בחינת מתנים, דבר המעמיד ומקיים את הראש Now this faith, this belief in G‑d as outlined above, is referred to as the “loins” which uphold and sustain the “head”, הוא השכל המתבונן ומעמיק דעת בגדולת אין סוף ברוך הוא, בבחינת עולם שנה נפש meaning the intellect that contemplates and concentrates […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 01 – Part 4 – video

אך מי הוא הנותן כח ועוז לבחינת מתנים להעמיד ולקיים הראש והזרועות But what gives the power and strength to the “loins” (i.e., faith) to support and sustain the “head” (i.e., the intellect that contemplates G‑d’s greatness) and the “arms” (i.e., the love and fear of G‑d)? הוא עסק ולימוד הלכות בתורה שבעל פה It […]

The Holy Epistle: Epistle 01 – Part 5 – video

ולזאת אותה אבקש ממבקשי ה׳ Therefore, says the Alter Rebbe, this is what I would ask of those who seek to draw close to G‑d: יבינו וישכילו יחדיו, ולהיות לזכרון בין עיניהם, כל מה שכתבתי אליהם אשתקד בכלל Let them both understand and contemplate, and have as a [constant] reminder between their eyes,50 all that […]