The Epistle on Repentance: Chapter 08 – Part 1 – video

Two basic elements, as the Alter Rebbe made clear in the previous chapter, enable the lower level of repentance to be true and direct: (a) considering how one’s soul and its Source, the Shechinah, are to be pitied, and arousing Supreme compassion upon them; (b) making a thoughtful, soulful and accurate accounting of the extent […]

The Epistle on Repentance: Chapter 08 – Part 2 – video

וכן ממש למטה בנפש האלקית שבאדם Just as there is a restoration of the hei Above, exactly so below in the Divine soul within man, שוב אין עונותיכם מבדילים no more do4 “your sins separate [you from G‑d].” וכמו שכתוב ונקה מנקה הוא לשבים Thus it is written, naming one of the Thirteen Attributes of […]

The Epistle on Repentance: Chapter 08 – Part 3 – video

וזו היא תשובה שלימה This is perfect return – Teshuvah. והנה בחינת יחוד זה ותשובה זו היא בחינת תשובה עילאה, שלאחר תשובה תתאה This state of unity and this return are called teshuvah ila’ah, the higher level of repentance, that follows teshuvah tata’ah, the lower level of repentence. וכמו שכתוב בזוהר הקדוש ברעיא מהימנא פרשת […]