The Epistle on Repentance: Chapter 06 – Part 1 – video

The Alter Rebbe opened the fourth chapter by beginning to explain the concept of repentance according to the mystical approach to the Torah. He prefaced his commentary by noting that according to Scripture and our Sages a person who committed a sin punishable by excision would actually die before his fiftieth year, while one who […]

The Epistle on Repentance: Chapter 06 – Part 2 – video

ואדרבה In fact, not only is it possible for the sinner to receive his nurture from kelipah as do animals and other living beings, but indeed, ביתר שאת וביתר עז with even greater emphasis and force. על פי המבואר מזוהר הקדוש פרשת פקודי, שכל שפע וחיות הנשפעות לאדם התחתון For, as explained in the holy […]

The Epistle on Repentance: Chapter 06 – Part 3 – video

וזהו שאמרו רז״ל: אין בידינו לא משלות הרשעים וכו׳ Hence the statement of our Sages,19 of blessed memory: “It is not within our hands (i.e., it is not given us) to understand the reason for either the tranquillity of the wicked [or the suffering of the righteous].” בידינו דוקא, כלומר: בזמן הגלות אחר החורבן The […]