The Epistle on Repentance: Chapter 05 – Part 1 – video

The previous chapter taught that the Jewish soul is a part of the Tetragrammaton, the internal aspect of G‑dliness, from which it derives. In this it differs from other created beings whose source is more external — the Divine Name Elokim and Supernal speech. However, in order that the soul be able to become enclothed […]

The Epistle on Repentance: Chapter 05 – Part 2 – video

וזה שנאמר: כי חלק ה׳ עמו, יעקב חבל נחלתו This, then, is the meaning of the verse,2 “For [G‑d’s] people is a part of G‑d; Jacob is the rope of His inheritance.” This verse implies that within the soul there are to be found two levels: the internal aspect of the soul is “part of […]

The Epistle on Repentance: Chapter 05 – Part 3 – video

והוא על דרך משל מחבל עב, שזור מתרי״ג חבלים דקים This is analogous to a thick rope woven of 613 thin strands. ככה חבל ההמשכה הנ״ל כלול מתרי״ג מצות So, too, the “rope” of the downward flow mentioned above is comprised of the 613 mitzvot,14 each mitzvah being an individual thin strand. וכשעובר ח״ו על […]