Tanya: Chapter 53 – Part 1 – video

The Alter Rebbe explained in the previous chapter that the light of the Shechinah, an illumination utterly transcending the realm of the world, must have a “garment” which enables it to radiate there. The “garment” of the Shechinah is Torah. In every World there is found the “intelligence” of that particular World, namely, the Sefirot […]

Tanya: Chapter 53 – Part 2 – video

The Alter Rebbe now answers the following question: Inasmuch as the Temple was located in this physical world, how was it possible for the Shechinah to be found there to a higher degree than in the upper Worlds? He answers: כי עשרת הדברות הן כללות התורה כולה For the Ten Commandments are the all-embracing principles […]

Tanya: Chapter 53 – Part 3 – video

ותרי״ג מצות התורה, עם שבע מצות דרבנן, בגימטריא כת״ר, שהוא רצון העליון ברוך הוא And the 613 commandments of the Torah, together with the seven commandments of our Rabbis, combine to total the numerical equivalent of Keter (“crown”), which is the Supernal Will, Will is called a crown, for like a crown it encompasses the […]

Tanya: Chapter 53 – Part 4 – video

The Alter Rebbe now concludes what he began to elucidate (in ch. 51) concerning the statement of the Yenuka in the Zohar — that the light of the Shechinah which shines above the head of a person needs oil. The Yenuka concludes, “…and these are good deeds” — the oil is the performance of the […]