Tanya: Chapter 52 – Part 1 – video

In the previous chapter the Alter Rebbe began to expound upon the theme of the indwelling of the Shechinah, which resided in the Holy of Holies and likewise in other places. He asked: “Is not the whole world filled with His glory?” Since there is no place void of Him, what do we mean when […]

Tanya: Chapter 52 – Part 2 – video

וכולן אינן רק מהתפשטות החיות והאור מהמקור הזה, הנקרא שכינה all of them — all the Worlds, creatures and souls — being derived only from the extension of the vitality and light which extends and streams forth from this source which is called Shechinah, כהתפשטות האור מהשמש in a manner resembling the radiation of light […]

Tanya: Chapter 52 – Part 3 – video

ובירידתה בהשתלשלות מעולם לעולם, גם השכינה ירדה ונתלבשה בה בכל עולם ועולם As [this wisdom] came down by progressive descents from World to World, the Shechinah, too, came down and clothed itself in it in each World. Thus, within the Supernal Wisdom which descends into each World is to be found the Shechinah of that […]

Tanya: Chapter 52 – Part 4 – video

ובהתלבשות מלכות דאצילות במלכות דבריאה, מתלבשת בהיכל קדשי קדשים דיצירה, שהוא חב״ד דיצירה By virtue of the clothing of Malchut of Atzilut in Malchut of Beriah9 it then clothes itself in the shrine of the Holy of Holies of Yetzirah, this being the ChaBaD of Yetzirah — the Chochmah, Binah and Daat of Yetzirah. It […]

Tanya: Chapter 52 – Part 5 – video

Note by the Rebbe (footnote #9) The Rebbe addresses the question of why the Alter Rebbe repeats, “By virtue of the clothing of Malchut of Atzilut in Malchut of Beriah,” when it had already been stated: “Through the fact that [the latter Sefirot] clothe themselves in the Malchut of Beriah….” He answers: The vestment spoken […]