Tanya: Chapter 50 – Part 1 – video

  This chapter warrants a brief introduction.1 In previous chapters, Tanya has discussed various levels and forms of love of G‑d, each of which can inspire one to study Torah and observe mitzvot with increased enthusiasm. In all these levels, the love consists of a yearning to become joined with G‑d, or else a desire […]

Tanya: Chapter 50 – Part 2 – video

מבחינת גבורות עליונות דבינה עילאה This derives from the level of the Higher Gevurot of the Higher Binah. In other words, the source of this love is from the level of Gevurah in Binah. דהיינו, שעל ידי התבוננות בגדולת אין סוף ברוך הוא, דכולא קמיה כלא ממש חשיב The arousal of this love comes about […]

Tanya: Chapter 50 – Part 3 – video

והיינו על ידי תגבורת יסוד האש אלקי שבנפש האלקית This results from the predominance of the element of divine Fire that is in the divine soul, unlike other forms of love which derive from the element of Water in the divine soul. ומזה באה לידי צמאון, וכמו שכתוב: צמאה לך נפשי From this, the soul […]

Tanya: Chapter 50 – Part 4 – video

The Alter Rebbe will now explain that since this love of G‑d is such that the soul is on the verge of expiring, it cannot inspire one directly to serve G‑d through Torah and mitzvot. והנה סדר העבודה בעסק התורה והמצות, הנמשכת מבחינת אהבה עזה זו, היא בבחינת שוב לבד The order of one’s divine […]