Tanya: Chapter 48 – Part 1 – video

Having previously explained that G‑d showed his love for the Jewish people by taking them out of the physical servitude of Egypt, the Alter Rebbe concluded ch. 47 by describing the love G‑d shows His people by releasing them from a spiritual dimension of Egyptian bondage. This spiritual Exodus is daily manifest within all Jewish […]

Tanya: Chapter 48 – Part 2 – video

והנה, פרטיות הצמצומים איך ומה, אין כאן מקום ביאורם Now, as for the intricate details of the “contractions”, how they achieve their effect and what they actually are, — this is not the place for their explanation. אך דרך כלל הן הם בחינת הסתר והעלם המשכת האור והחיות But in general they are something in […]

Tanya: Chapter 48 – Part 3 – video

וככה ממש היא בחינת ההארה מועטת זו, המתלבשת בעולמות עליונים ותחתונים, להשפיע בהם להחיותם So, indeed, is the utterly insignificant quality of this minute illumination — after the “contraction” — which clothes itself in the higher and lower worlds in order to provide them with sustenance and life, לגבי אור הגנוז ונעלם, שהוא בבחינת אין […]

Tanya: Chapter 48 – Part 4 – video

מה שאין כן ההשפעה שאינה בבחינת גילוי אלא בהסתר והעלם, ואין העולמות משיגים אותה, אינה נקראת מתלבשת, אלא מקפת וסובבת whereas the influence which does not come within the category of “revelation”, but remains obscured and concealed, and is not apprehended by the worlds, is not described as being “invested” in them but as “encircling […]

Tanya: Chapter 48 – Part 5 – video

ולקרב אל השכל יותר הוא בדרך משל Let us make this more intelligible by means of an example. A further example is needed in order to clarify this paradox — how G‑dliness simultaneously pervades the world and yet remains aloof from it, encircling and encompassing it (as it were) from above, and not being revealed […]