Tanya: Chapter 46 – Part 1 – video

In the previous chapter the Alter Rebbe described yet another manner in which a person can perform Torah and mitzvot “with his heart” — with the love and fear of G‑d — and that is, by utilizing the attribute of Jacob, which is the quality of mercy. In this case the individual arouses compassion within […]

Tanya: Chapter 46 – Part 2 – video

כדי לקרבם אליו בקירוב ויחוד אמיתי, בהתקשרות הנפש ממש in order to bring them near to Him in true closeness and unity, with a real attachment of soul — so that the Jew’s soul will be truly bound up with the Almighty, This is also so regarding the Torah, concerning which G‑d says: “I have […]

Tanya: Chapter 46 – Part 3 – video

וזהו שאומרים: אשר קדשנו במצותיו This is the meaning of the text of the various blessings pronounced before one fulfills a mitzvah: “[Blessed be He] Who has betrothed us by His commandments”: The Hebrew word kidshanu — generally rendered, “Who has sanctified us” — is here rendered, “Who has betrothed us,” from the Hebrew word […]

Tanya: Chapter 46 – Part 4 – video

ולכן חייבו רז״ל לקום ולעמוד מפני כל עוסק במצוה, אף אם הוא בור ועם הארץ Therefore the Sages, of blessed memory, made it obligatory to rise and remain standing15 in the presence of anyone who is engaged in fulfilling a commandment, even if the latter is uncultured and illiterate. When such a person performs a […]

Tanya: Chapter 46 – Part 5 – video

כי תורה אחת לכולנו for we all have one Torah: the laws of the Torah apply equally to all Jews. From all the above it becomes eminently clear that though a person may not feel the sanctity brought about by the performance of a mitzvah, so much so that he is likened to a beast, […]