Tanya: Chapter 42 – Part 1 – video

In the previous chapter the Alter Rebbe explained that fear of G‑d is a prerequisite to divine service. Every Jew is capable of attaining this level, by contemplating how “G‑d stands over him” and “searches his reins and heart [to see] if he is serving Him as is fitting.” This thought will lead him to […]

Tanya: Chapter 42 – Part 2 – video

ועוד זאת, יתר על כן, בכל דור ודור יורדין ניצוצין מנשמת משה רבנו, עליו השלום, ומתלבשין בגוף ונפש של חכמי הדור, עיני העדה In addition and beyond this pervasive influence to the community as a whole, there descend, in every generation, sparks from the soul of our teacher Moses, peace unto him, and they clothe […]

Tanya: Chapter 42 – Part 3 – video

רק מאחר שנתלבשה הנפש בגוף, צריכה ליגיעה רבה ועצומה, כפולה ומכופלת Only, since the soul has clothed itself in the body, it needs a great and mighty exertion, doubled and redoubled, in order to feel and be attached to G‑d. While it is true that the soul has this capacity by dint of its being […]

Tanya: Chapter 42 – Part 4 – video

ומכל מקום, בקושי ובחזקה, שתתחזק מאד מחשבתו באומץ ויגיעה רבה ועומק גדול, להעמיק בגדולת ה׳ שעה גדולה Nevertheless, with difficulty and with forceful effort, when his thought greatly exerts itself with vigor and great toil and intense concentration, immersing [itself] in contemplation of the greatness of G‑d for a long time, The previous Lubavitcher Rebbe […]

Tanya: Chapter 42 – Part 5 – video

וגם כי אין לו דמות הגוף And although He has no bodily likeness, How, then, can we possibly say that G‑d possesses an “eye” and “ear”, organs that are part of a physical body? הרי אדרבה, הכל גלוי וידוע לפניו ביתר שאת לאין קץ מראיית העין ושמיעת האזן, על דרך משל yet, on the contrary: […]