Tanya: Chapter 37 – Part 1 – video

In the previous chapter, the Alter Rebbe explained that the statement of the Sages that “G‑d desired an abode in the lower realms” refers to our physical world. This is the lowest of worlds in terms of the degree of revelation of the divine creative power: it is hidden in this world as it is […]

Tanya: Chapter 37 – Part 2 – video

Thus far, the Alter Rebbe has discussed the effect of a mitzvah on the objects used in its performance (e.g., the etrog, the parchment used for tefillin, etc.). He now discusses its effect on the power of a Jew’s animal soul that is applied to the mitzvah. This soul, like the aforementioned objects, derives its […]

Tanya: Chapter 37 – Part 3 – video

This, in summary, is the subject of the following discussion. זאת ועוד אחרת An additional [virtue] in mitzvot involving action (aside from their function in elevating one’s animal soul, mentioned above): שכח נפש החיונית המתלבש באותיות הדבור בתלמוד תורה או תפלה וכיוצא בהן או מצות מעשיות the vitalizing soul’s energy clothed in the utterance of […]

Tanya: Chapter 37 – Part 4 – video

But surely there are more than 600,000 souls; besides, it is quite impossible for one person to use a six-hundred-thousandth of the entire world. אלא שששים רבוא נשמות פרטיות אלו הן שרשים, וכל שרש מתחלק לששים רבוא ניצוצות, שכל ניצוץ הוא נשמה אחת These 600,000 particular souls, however, are “roots”; and, like a root from […]

Tanya: Chapter 37 – Part 5 – video

ובזה יובן מה שהפליגו רז״ל במאד מאד במעלת הצדקה, ואמרו ששקולה כנגד כל המצות In light of the above, where it was explained that the advantage of the “active” mitzvot lies in their elevating effect on the body and vital soul, we can understand why our Sages so greatly extolled the virtue of charity,8 declaring […]