Tanya: Chapter 35 – Part 1 – video

שאינו מאיר ונאחז בפתילה בלי שמן that it does not shed light nor is it retained by the wick, without oil, By nature, fire strains upward; it will not remain below unless restrained by a wick or wood, for example. But a wick alone is rapidly consumed, and the fire vanishes quickly. Moreover, the burning […]

Tanya: Chapter 35 – Part 2 – video

The Alter Rebbe will now proceed to explain why good deeds can serve as oil for the light of the Shechinah, whereas the divine soul cannot. The explanation in brief: Man’s soul is not, after all, completely nullified before G‑d and one with Him to the extent that it is capable of becoming absorbed within […]

Tanya: Chapter 35 – Part 3 – video

ואף שמהותה ועצמותה של נפש הבהמית שבלבו, שהן מדותיה הרעות, עדיין לא נכללו בקדושה Although the substance and essence of the animal soul, in his heart, i.e., its evil middot (its evil emotional character), have still not been absorbed into holiness, As explained in ch. 12, only in the case of tzaddikim are the evil […]