Tanya: Chapter 34 – Part 2 – video

והנה מודעת זאת שהאבות הן הן המרכבה It is known that “the Patriarchs constitute the Divine Chariot.“1 שכל ימיהם לעולם לא הפסיקו אפילו שעה אחת מלקשר דעתם ונשמתם לרבון העולמים Throughout their lives, they did not cease even momentarily from binding their mind and soul to the Master of the universe, בביטול הנ״ל ליחודו יתברך […]

Tanya: Chapter 34 – Part 3 – video

From the end of Ch. 30 up to this point, the Alter Rebbe discussed various forms of joy which one ought to strive to attain when saddened over his spiritual shortcomings: the joy of one’s soul on its being released from exile within one’s body and animal soul; the joy of being close to G‑d […]