Tanya: Chapter 32 – Part 1 – video

In the previous chapter the Alter Rebbe taught that when one is bitterly remorseful over his sorry spiritual state, he must strive for joy by considering the following. True, on account of his body and his animal soul he is utterly remote from G‑dliness. Yet he has within him a divine soul, veritably a part […]

Tanya: Chapter 32 – Part 2 – video

Up to now the Alter Rebbe has discussed the mitzvah of loving one’s fellow, on its own merits. He now proceeds to discuss the value of this mitzvah as the basis for all the commandments, thereby elucidating yet further the importance of “rejoicing with the joy of the soul alone.” The Talmud relates that it […]

Tanya: Chapter 32 – Part 4 – video

The Alter Rebbe proceeds to clarify: ומה שכתוב בגמרא שמי שרואה בחבירו שחטא, מצוה לשנאותו, וגם לומר לרבו שישנאהו As for the Talmudic statement 8 that if one sees his friend sinning, he should hate him, and should also relate the fact to his teacher so that he too will hate him, — how does […]