Tanya: Chapter 22 – Part 1 – video

In the previous chapter the Alter Rebbe contrasted human speech and Divine speech. He pointed out that human speech is marked by two characteristics: (1) it reveals to the hearer that which was previously hidden in the speaker’s thoughts; (2) the spoken word becomes a distinct entity, separate from the speaker. Divine speech, however, cannot […]

Tanya: Chapter 22 – Part 2 – video

והנה רצון העליון בבחינת פנים הוא מקור החיים המחיה את כל העולמות Now, the Supernal Will, of the quality of “Countenance”, i.e., the inner aspect of G‑d’s Will, which is directed toward the ultimate object of G‑d’s desire, is the source of life which animates all worlds. ולפי שאינו שורה כלל על הסטרא אחרא, וגם […]