Tanya: Chapter 13 – Part 1 – audio

In the previous chapter the Alter Rebbe described the spiritual profile of the Beinoni. In the Beinoni’s heart, said the Alter Rebbe, evil desires may often arise, but his divine soul constantly prevents such desires from finding expression in actual thought, speech or action. On the contrary, these three soul-garments are the exclusive domain of […]

Tanya: Chapter 13 – Part 2 – audio

Until now we have been speaking of a working man who does not have the opportunity to spend all his time in Torah study and divine service. Now the discussion turns to the individual who spends all his time immersed in the study of Torah. ואף מי שבתורת ה׳ חפצו, ויהגה בה יומם ולילה לשמה […]

Tanya: Chapter 13 – Part 3 – audio

וכמאמר רז״ל: הלואי שיתפלל אדם כל היום כלו as, indeed, our Sages have said,10 “Would that a man pray the whole day long!” Such a Beinoni is constantly ablaze with the love of G‑d, and consequently his desire for evil is always dormant, as explained. Therefore, the absence of any evil desires did not conclusively […]