Tanya: Chapter 10 – Part 1 – audio

After elaborating in the previous chapter on the ongoing battle between the divine and animal soul over mastery of a Jew’s body, the Alter Rebbe now proceeds to explain that one who vanquishes his animal soul and transforms its evil into good — is a tzaddik. This level of tzaddik comprises two general categories. The […]

Tanya: Chapter 10 – Part 2 – audio

וכפי ערך גודל האהבה לה׳, כך ערך גודל השנאה לסטרא אחרא והמיאוס ברע בתכלית Hence, according to the abundance of love towards G‑d, so is the extent of hatred toward the spiritual sitra achra which nurtures the physical pleasures, and the utter repugnance of the evil of physical pleasures; Since the sitra achra is spiritual, […]

Tanya: Chapter 10 – Part 3 – audio

אך על מעלת צדיק גמור, הוא שאמר רבי שמעון בר יוחאי: ראיתי בני עליה והם מועטים כו׳ But concerning the rank of the “complete tzaddik,” Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s statement6 applies: “I have seen ’superior men‘ (bnei aliyah) and they are but few.” שלכן נקראים בני עליה, שמהפכין הרע ומעלים אותו לקדושה The reason that […]