Tanya: Chapter 09 – Part 1 – audio

In the previous chapters the Alter Rebbe elaborated on the composition of the Jew’s divine soul with its ten holy soul-powers and three soul-garments, and his animal soul, with its corresponding ten powers and three garments originating in kelipah. In the present chapter the Alter Rebbe will discuss the battle fought within the Jew between […]

Tanya: Chapter 09 – Part 2 – audio

The Alter Rebbe has thus established7 that each of these two souls has its own, separate abode and way of functioning. Lest we erroneously conclude that each soul goes about its own affairs, not interfering or concerning itself with those of the other, the Alter Rebbe continues: אך הנה כתיב: ולאום מלאום יאמץ It is […]

Tanya: Chapter 09 – Part 3 – audio

The Alter Rebbe now describes the specific level of love of G‑d that accomplishes this: והיינו, שיעלה ויבא ויגיע למדרגת אהבה רבה וחיבה יתירה ממדרגת אהבה עזה כרשפי אש This transformation of the animal soul’s lust to a love of G‑d entails rising to attain to the level of ahavah rabbah (“abundant love”), a love […]