Tanya: Chapter 07 – Part 1 – audio

אך נפש החיונית הבהמית שבישראל שמצד הקליפה, המלובשת בדם האדם כנזכר לעיל However, unlike the life-forms mentioned at the conclusion of ch. 6, which are derived from the three wholly unclean kelipot, the following life-forms are derived from kelipat nogah: the vitalizing animal soul in the Jew, which is derived from the side of kelipah […]

Tanya: Chapter 07 – Part 2 – audio

The Alter Rebbe now provides an example of a “neutral” action or utterance that is derived from kelipat nogah and can thus be utilized for either good or evil, demonstrating how the action or word itself becomes holy when its motivation is for the sake of heaven, and how it is degraded to the level […]

Tanya: Chapter 07 – Part 3 – audio

ואין עולים משם עד כי יבוא יומם ויבולע המות לנצח, כמו שכתוב: ואת רוח הטומאה אעביר מן הארץ They (the vitality of these prohibited acts) are not elevated from [the kelipot] until “their day comes” (the time when evil will totally disappear from the world), when “death (i.e., the kelipot, called ”death“ because they oppose […]

Tanya: Chapter 07 – Part 4 – audio

ועל תשובה מאהבה רבה זו אמרו שזדונות נעשו לו כזכיות, הואיל ועל ידי זה בא לאהבה רבה זו [Only] concerning repentance out of such great love has it been said9 that [the penitent’s] premeditated sins become, for him, like virtues, since through them (through the sins which previously had distanced him from G‑d) he attained […]