Tanya: Chapter 06 – Part 1 – audio

In the previous chapters the Alter Rebbe discussed the divine soul; its ten faculties — three intellectual and seven emotional — and its three garments by which it expresses itself, namely, the thought, speech and action of Torah and the mitzvot. He explained that the garments of the divine soul are actually on a higher […]

Tanya: Chapter 06 – Part 2 – audio

וצד הקדושה אינו אלא השראה והמשכה מקדושתו של הקדוש ברוך הוא The side of holiness is nothing but the indwelling and extension of G‑d’s holiness. ואין הקדוש ברוך הוא שורה אלא על דבר שבטל אצלו יתברך, בין בפועל ממש, כמלאכים עליונים Now, G‑d dwells only on that which is surrendered to Him, whether [the surrender […]

Tanya: Chapter 06 – Part 3 – audio

ולכן נקרא עולם הזה ומלואו עולם הקליפות וסטרא אחרא That is why this world with all it contains is called the world of kelipot and sitra achra — despite the fact that this world, too, receives its vitality from G‑d’s holiness. Since the creatures of this physical world feel themselves to be independent, separate beings, […]