Tanya: Chapter 05 – Part 1 – audio

At the conclusion of the previous chapter, the Alter Rebbe depicted the study of Torah as a royal embrace: When one studies Torah, his intellect “embraces” and encompasses the Divine Will and wisdom — and thus he “embraces” the King of kings Himself, since “He and His wisdom are one.” In turn, the “King” (i.e., […]

Tanya: Chapter 05 – Part 2 – audio

וזאת מעלה יתירה גדולה ונפלאה לאין קץ, אשר במצות ידיעת התורה והשגתה This is the distinctive, infinitely great and wonderful superiority of the mitzvah of knowing and comprehending Torah על כל המצות מעשיות, ואפילו על מצות התלויות בדבור, ואפילו על מצות תלמוד תורה שבדיבור over all the mitzvot involving action, and even over those performed […]