Tanya: Chapter 01 – Part 1 – video

תניא בסוף פרק ג׳ דנדה: משביעים אותו We have learned (Niddah, end of ch. 3):1 “An oath is administered to him: Before a Jew is born an oath is administered to him in heaven, charging him: תהי צדיק ואל תהי רשע, ואפילו כל העולם כולו אומרים לך צדיק אתה היה בעיניך כרשע ‘Be righteous and […]

Tanya: Chapter 01 – Part 2 – video

הגהה ומה שכתוב בזהר חלק ג׳ דף רל״א: כל שממועטין עונותיו וכו׳ — NOTE As for what is written in the Zohar III, p. 231: “He whose sins are few [is classed as a ‘righteous man who suffers’],” implying that even according to the Zohar the meaning of a “righteous man who suffers” is one […]

Tanya: Chapter 01 – Part 3 – video

אך ביאור הענין However, the explanation of the matter, so that we better understand the levels of tzaddik and Beinoni, as well as the various gradations within their ranks, על פי מה שכתב הרב חיים ויטאל ז״ל בשער הקדושה ובעץ חיים שער נ׳ פרק ב׳ [is to be found] in light of what Rabbi Chayim […]