Portal of Unity and Belief: Chapter 11 – Part 1 – audio

The Alter Rebbe explained in the previous chapter that the Sefirot — the Divine attributes, and the Divine wisdom and Will — are designated by their respective names only in relation to created beings, which are granted existence and life and guidance by Him Who enclothes Himself in those attributes. However, since these attributes are […]

Portal of Unity and Belief: Chapter 11 – Part 2 – audio

כי אף שאינן כאותיות מחשבה שלנו, חס ושלום Although they are not actual letters of thought like our letters of thought, G‑d forbid, The Alter Rebbe had previously drawn an analogy: just as a person’s soul is revealed through letters of thought, so too do the Divine attributes become manifest through letters of thought. He […]

Portal of Unity and Belief: Chapter 11 – Part 3 – audio

אבל באמת, בחינת אותיות הדבור שלמעלה, היא למעלה מעלה ממדרגת ומהות חכמה ושכל הנבראים In truth, however, the Supernal letters of speech are far higher than the level and essence of the wisdom and intellect of created beings. In this they differ from the letters of man’s thought and speech, which are “inanimate”, and belong […]