Portal of Unity and Belief: Chapter 05 – Part 1 – audio

Thanks to Gā€‘dā€™s attribute of Gevurah and His capacity for tzimtzum ā€” so the Alter Rebbe explained in the foregoing chapter ā€” created beings live in the illusion that they possess an independent and tangible existence: they are unaware of the Divine life-force continuously found within them. Being thus insensitive to the force that animates […]

Portal of Unity and Belief: Chapter 05 – Part 2 – audio

It was stated in the previous chapter that both the expansive and creative attribute of Chesed and the concealing and constrictive attribute of Gevurah transcend the grasp of created beings. Here the Alter Rebbe adds that these attributes transcend even the comprehension of those souls that proceed from the level of Atzilut. Even so lofty […]