Portal of Unity and Belief: Chapter 04 – Part 1 – audio

Since the Divine activating force responsible for the existence of created things must continuously be present within them, they are completely nullified in their source. This means, as the Alter Rebbe explained in the previous chapter, that in reality they do not “exist”. Why, then, do we nevertheless perceive created beings as enjoying a tangible […]

Portal of Unity and Belief: Chapter 04 – Part 2 – audio

Since the capacity for tzimtzum emanates from the Divine attribute of Gevurah, one might erroneously infer that it actually serves to create an independently existing entity; i.e., not only does the created being regard itself as such, but the Creator views it so as well. For inasmuch as G‑d causes this concealment, and His attribute […]

Portal of Unity and Belief: Chapter 04 – Part 3 – audio

(והנה בחינת הצמצום והסתר החיות נקרא בשם כלים, והחיות עצמו נקרא בשם אור 10(The tzimtzum and concealing of the life-force is called in kabbalistic terminology kelim (“vessels”), and the life-force itself is called or (“light”),11 which signifies revelation. שכמו שהכלי מכסה על מה שבתוכו, כך בחינת הצמצום מכסה ומסתיר האור והחיות השופע For just as […]