Tanya: Chapter 51 – Part 1 – video

The title-page of Tanya tells us that the entire work is based upon the verse (Devarim 30:14), “For this thing (the Torah) is very near to you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it.” And the concluding phrase (“that you may do it”) implies that the ultimate purpose of the […]

Tanya: Chapter 51 – Part 2 – video

שכמו שנשמת האדם היא ממלאה כל רמ״ח אברי הגוף, מראשו ועד רגלו By way of analogy: The human soul2 pervades all 248 organs of the body, from head (the highest part of the body) to foot (the lowest part of the body); The soul pervades the body to the extent that no organ or portion […]

Tanya: Chapter 51 – Part 3 – video

The manner in which the organ receives the latter life-force and functional power can be explained in two ways. One is that the life-force emanating from the soul to the organ is utterly “plain” and uncompounded, possessing none of the diverse qualities and powers of the various organs. According to this explanation, the various functional […]

Tanya: Chapter 51 – Part 4 – video

והנה על המשכת כל התרי״ג מיני כוחות וחיות מהעלם הנשמה אל הגוף להחיותו Now, concerning the flow of all the 613 kinds of functional powers and vital forces which are drawn from the concealment of the soul, where they are previously hidden, and from where they are now drawn to the body to animate it, […]

Tanya: Chapter 51 – Part 5 – video

וככה ממש, על דרך משל, אין סוף ברוך הוא ממלא כל עלמין להחיותם In a truly similar manner, figuratively speaking, does the blessed Ein Sof fill all worlds so as to animate them. There is a marked similarity between the soul pervading the body and Ein Sof permeating all the worlds: Just as in the […]