Tanya: Chapter 30 – Part 1 – video

In ch. 29 the Alter Rebbe discussed various means of overcoming timtum halev — the state of insensitivity in which one’s heart is dull, and unresponsive to his contemplation of G‑d’s greatness. All these methods are aimed at crushing one’s spirit, whereby one crushes the cause of the timtum halev — the arrogance of the […]

Tanya: Chapter 30 – Part 2 – video

For even the most dispassionate and cloistered of men must often engage in battle with his evil inclination, both in the area of6 “doing good” and in that of “turning away from evil,” as the Alter Rebbe goes on to illustrate. בבחינת ועשה טוב, כגון בעבודת התפלה בכוונה, לשפוך נפשו לפני ה׳ בכל כחו ממש […]