Tanya: Chapter 20 – Part 1 – video

In the previous chapters the Alter Rebbe discussed the Torah’s assertion that “it is very near” to us to fulfill all the commandments with a love and fear of G‑d. He explained that it is indeed “very near,” by means of the natural love of G‑d inherent in every Jew. He further stated that this […]

Tanya: Chapter 20 – Part 2 – video

ולמשל כמו בנפש האדם כשמדבר דבור אחד, שדבור זה לבדו כלא ממש אפילו לגבי כללות נפשו המדברת To illustrate from the soul of a human being: When a man utters a word, this single word is as absolutely nothing even when compared only to his articulate soul (i.e., power of speech) as a whole, שהוא […]