Tanya: Chapter 14 – Part 1 – audio

In previous chapters the Alter Rebbe explained that though the Beinoni is unsullied by sin in thought, speech or action, the internal evil of his animal soul remains strong enough to desire evil. That these desires do not find any practical expression is due only to the divine soul’s restraining them, with the aid given […]

Tanya: Chapter 14 – Part 2 – video

ובזה יובן כפל לשון השבועה: תהי צדיק ואל תהי רשע Now we may understand the repetitious wording in the oath administered to every Jew before birth, “Be a tzaddik and be not a rasha” (as quoted from the Talmud in the opening words of Tanya). דלכאורה תמוה, כי מאחר שמשביעים אותו: תהי צדיק, למה צריכים […]